When The Serious Work Is Done: Geisha

When The Serious Work Is Done is a series of blogs triggered by those discussions in the pub, of what would be a fun shoot. It’s by two photographers let off the leash, to go and play, then edit the photos, in their own style.

In this one,  talented wedding photographer and bundle of energy  Isoelegant used the opportunity to wear her geisha dress that she’d picked up in Japan. We then trekked a few miles up Dovedale hunting for locations. Isoelegant forged rivers, in full costume,  got cold and wet. I just pressed the shutter. Then we had an ice cream. It was great.

Here’s Isoelegant’s blog.

Isoelegant dressed as a geisha standing on a tree over a river


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Danni Spooner & Carise ZM in Leicester studio

I’ve not shown much stuff from my Leicester studio, so I thought I’d get in some friends for a photo shoot.  I asked Danni Spooner & Carise ZM for some 20’s/30’s style, but with a modern twist. And that’s just what they did.

As well as shooting digitally, I thought I’d take the large format camera for a spin. This is Sinar F1 large format camera, where the film negatives are 5″ x 4″. It’s enormously difficult to focus, so you may notice a bit of arty soft focus with the film images. I’m going to make that focusing easier, soon. For the technical, the film was Ilford FP4+ developed in ID-11.

Thanks to Derby Theatre for the chair & David Parkin for the lamp. And thank you to  Woodrow Studios for the backdrop, which was actually hand painted in the studio.

Danni Spooner & Carise ZM studio portrait Sinar F1


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AA2A/DMU Summer Art Trail

In the Summer, there was an Art Trail, organised for  Artists Access to Art Colleges and De Montfort University curated by Leila Houston & Leanne Franks.

There were three galleries: the newly opened WTS Gallery, LCB Depot and The Great Central.

The range of work shown included contemporary painting and drawing, ceramics, video, textiles, photography, projection, sound, sculpture and installation.

Here’s a small selection of the pictures I took on the opening day.

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Priya Mistry – Experiments In Performing Body And Voice

Cultural Exchanges commissioned Priya Mistry to create Experiments In Performing Body And Voice. She created the piece in 4 days, with dancers and performing arts students from DMU. The following photos were taken during the creation of the piece, and the first performance.

Priya MistryPriya Mistry

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