Danni Spooner & Carise ZM in Leicester studio

I’ve not shown much stuff from my Leicester studio, so I thought I’d get in some friends for a photo shoot.  I asked Danni Spooner & Carise ZM for some 20’s/30’s style, but with a modern twist. And that’s just what they did.

As well as shooting digitally, I thought I’d take the large format camera for a spin. This is Sinar F1 large format camera, where the film negatives are 5″ x 4″. It’s enormously difficult to focus, so you may notice a bit of arty soft focus with the film images. I’m going to make that focusing easier, soon. For the technical, the film was Ilford FP4+ developed in ID-11.

Thanks to Derby Theatre for the chair & David Parkin for the lamp. And thank you to  Woodrow Studios for the backdrop, which was actually hand painted in the studio.

Danni Spooner & Carise ZM studio portrait Sinar F1


This was the set up for the above photo, with the Sinar in the foreground, appropriately out of focus. I used the same lighting for both the digital photos, and the film.

Danni Spooner & Carise ZM behind the scenes of the studio portrait Sinar F1


Danni Spooner sitting & Carise ZM standing large format portrait


Carise ZM studio portrait Sinar F1


Danni Spooner studio portrait Sinar F1


And the digital photos:

Danni Spooner standing & Carise ZM sitting portrait with lamp


Danni Spooner & Carise ZM looking straight at camera


Portrait of Danni Spooner standing, looking away & Carise ZM sitting


Close up portrait of Danni Spooner & Carise ZM


Close up portrait of Danni Spooner, looking away & Carise ZM


Danni Spooner headshot


Carise ZM headshot


Danni Spooner looking away


Carise ZM looking at camera


Danni Spooner profile


Carise ZM with a head tilt