People Of Performance Art #14: Matt Smith

I saw Matt Smith’s piece “Splintered” which he created with Meg Ullah. It impressed me with it’s simplicity and power. It’s mixture of the personal and impersonal and tempting failure. So I knew he would be a good subject for PoPA.

I returned a couple of days later. It had all disappeared, but you could tell where the flour had been, as there were patches, covered in snail trails.

Portrait of performance artist Matt Smith in Leicestershire woods

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Attenborough Arts New Gallery Opening

Attenborough Arts, part of The University of Leicester, has a new gallery, and I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the opening.

The late Richard Attenborough was the founding patron, who handed the patronage to his son Michael. Richard’s brother, Sir David Attenborough formally opened the new gallery.


Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough

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AA2A/DMU Summer Art Trail

In the Summer, there was an Art Trail, organised for  Artists Access to Art Colleges and De Montfort University curated by Leila Houston & Leanne Franks.

There were three galleries: the newly opened WTS Gallery, LCB Depot and The Great Central.

The range of work shown included contemporary painting and drawing, ceramics, video, textiles, photography, projection, sound, sculpture and installation.

Here’s a small selection of the pictures I took on the opening day.

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