Dance: Giada Maran

I photographed dancer Giada in All Saints Church, Loughborough. Here she introduces herself:

Giada is an MA Performance Practices student who loves immersive theatre and dance. She is interested in the moving body, theatre of the real, good wine and sitting in the sun. She’s splitting her time between putting off finishing her MA thesis, working and trying to challenge her body’s limits and gravity in her favourite Monday class….sometimes she manages…

Thank you to All Saints, Loughborough for the use of the beautiful space.


Photograph of Giada Maran dances against a wooden wall in a Loughborough Church


Giada dances on a chequered floor


Black & white photo of Giada dancing behind a font


Giada dancing in the pews


Dramatic photo of Giada dancing leaning far back


Photo of Giada dancing with her leg high in the air behind her


Giada jumping on a chequered floor in Church


Giada dancing with her leg high in the air against a wooden wall


Giada dancing in the base of the church tower


Giada dancing with a leg high in front of her on a chequered floor


Giada dancing with her legs folded under her


Black & white photo of Giada dancing in a ballet pose


Giada dancing with her hair covering her face


Giada dancing emotionally


Giada dancing on a pew with her arms wide


Giada dancing in the Church nave