People Of Performance Art #1: Alice Gale-Feeny

It seemed appropriate that Alice Gale-Feeny  was the first person to collaborate with me on the  People Of Performance Art project, as it was at a performance of her HairWashCarWash that I thought of the idea. HairWashCarWash examined in detail two examples of where dirt is removed from a surface.

On the day of the shoot, we first discussed themes and ideas in a café then moved on to Alice’s studio. Although we could have done the shoot anywhere, we ended up using some lovely old spaces in One Thoresby Street, which is where Alice’s studio is, in Nottingham. And the themes; some we couldn’t work out how to present in a photograph, others evolved from our discussion of Alice’s ideas. I’ll leave it to the viewer to interpret the themes.

First, a portrait.

Alice Gale-Feeny
Alice Gale-Feeny

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Priya Mistry – Experiments In Performing Body And Voice

Cultural Exchanges commissioned Priya Mistry to create Experiments In Performing Body And Voice. She created the piece in 4 days, with dancers and performing arts students from DMU. The following photos were taken during the creation of the piece, and the first performance.

Priya MistryPriya Mistry

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Performance In The Pub

I thought I’d begin this series of blogs with a review of some of the things I’ve photographed in 2013.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Hannah Nicklin‘s series of theatre and performance art showcases: Performance In The Pub. There were three, this year, which, sadly, is the last of them. They were most enjoyable, and to me, a performance art novice, revealing of a whole new art form.

img_c4_8277-ed1-smHannah Nicklin

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