People Of Performance Art #8: Jack Britton

Jack Britton is a member of the arts collective Tetrad. As as a creator, he works on subjects as diverse as parkour and the paranormal, using the equally diverse mediums of dance and comedy, live art and devised theatre..

After the customary café discussion, we seemed to walk most of Leicester, experimenting with ideas, before settling in Peter Pizzeria, which proved an inspiring environment for our photos.



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People Of Performance Art #7: Nicky Daniels

Nicky Daniels comes from a theatre background, but decided to move from playing fictional characters, to expressing herself, so got herself a First Class BA Hons in Drama Studies from DMU, Leicester. She’s now pursuing an MA Arts, again at DMU.

I’ve photographed Nicky before, doing her piece ‘Nicky Daniels – Violet Persephone Marina and Me’, so knew that her visual approach would fit People of Performance Art. Although Nicky does live art, and I’m still learning the difference.

Nicky Daniels


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People Of Performance Art #6: Lewys Holt

Lewys Holt is a dancer & choreographer. He’s also one of the organisers of Tetrad, based in Leicester.

After an initial discussion in a café, we started by shooting in a park. Some teenagers on kids bikes cycled past, and one shouted angrily ‘Fucking queer’. Oddly, this lightened our mood for the rest of the day. I think it was the absurdness of it.

The park wasn’t working for the photos, so we decided to move indoors, where serendipity, once again, added a lot to the day.

Thank you to Two Queens for the use of the space.

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People Of Performance Art #5: Katherine Hall

It’s fascinating watching the creative process. Katherine Hall and I had finished for the day, we had talked of many subjects, but had nothing strong completed. We weren’t dispirited, though, as we would continue the following day. We parked up, to look at a potential location, and Katie stopped… staring at the road markings in a car park, it had triggered something. We quickly shot some bits, and both knew that that was what the day had been about. It unintentionally provided us with something that contained many of the themes we had discussed. Where did that come from?

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People Of Performance Art #4: Robert Hardaker

I was interested in photographing Robert Hardaker, for People Of Performance Art as I knew he was a performer, but I’d never seen any of his work, so could not guess what themes he might choose.

We photographed in a couple of locations. He expressed a preference for natural light, and both locations suited this wonderfully. The props were simple: what was at the location.

First, a portrait.

Robert Hardaker

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People Of Performance Art #2: Tom Morgan

After seeing Tom Morgan perform his piece Sisyphus/ Hanged I knew I wanted to photograph with him as part of the People Of Performance Art project. I intended not to talk with him about the shoot beforehand, but we ended up having long conversations about his practice, exploration of philosophies and martial arts. This ended with a decision to shoot in a natural environment. Charnwood Forest seemed a natural fit, and we used two locations: woods and open scrub land. Both had a different mood. The woods were taken at a slow, considered pace, exploring rock and wood, then after soup in St. Joseph’s tearoom, the open scrub land was more rapid and instinctive.

Here’s Tom’s thoughts on the day


Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan

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People Of Performance Art #1: Alice Gale-Feeny

It seemed appropriate that Alice Gale-Feeny  was the first person to collaborate with me on the  People Of Performance Art project, as it was at a performance of her HairWashCarWash that I thought of the idea. HairWashCarWash examined in detail two examples of where dirt is removed from a surface.

On the day of the shoot, we first discussed themes and ideas in a café then moved on to Alice’s studio. Although we could have done the shoot anywhere, we ended up using some lovely old spaces in One Thoresby Street, which is where Alice’s studio is, in Nottingham. And the themes; some we couldn’t work out how to present in a photograph, others evolved from our discussion of Alice’s ideas. I’ll leave it to the viewer to interpret the themes.

First, a portrait.

Alice Gale-Feeny
Alice Gale-Feeny

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