Performance In The Pub

I thought I’d begin this series of blogs with a review of some of the things I’ve photographed in 2013.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Hannah Nicklin‘s series of theatre and performance art showcases: Performance In The Pub. There were three, this year, which, sadly, is the last of them. They were most enjoyable, and to me, a performance art novice, revealing of a whole new art form.

img_c4_8277-ed1-smHannah Nicklin

 img_c4_30673-ed1-smGreg Wohead & Mat Martin – The Many Apologies Of Pecos Bill

img_c3_32578-ed1-smMolly Naylor – My Robot Heart

img_c4_19995-ed1-smFergus Evans – My Heart is Hitchhiking Down Peachtree St.

img_c3_32019-ed1-smRoss Sutherland – Stand By for Tape Back up