Dance: Paloma Styles

I photographed dancer Paloma in Leicester Guildhall. Here she introduces herself:

Paloma Styles is a Leicester dance artist, whose true guilty pleasure could only be, R. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet. Alongside wishing there were more rap operas in the world, she also dances with Fuelled Dance Theatre, and studies for an MFA at DMU. She thoroughly enjoys the interdisciplinary mash up of ideas, like a 33-chapter rap opera – who would have thought!

Thanks to the Guildhall, Leicester for the use of their space.

Portrait of Leicester Dancer Paloma Styles


Paloma dancing in Leicester Guildhall


Paloma dancing with window light falling on her


Paloma dancing standing on one leg


Paloma dancing curving her body


Paloma dancing pointing her arms out


Paloma dancing creating a circle with her arms


Paloma dancing in the big old wooden room of Guildhall


Paloma dancing in front of an old bookcase


Paloma dancing low on the floor


Paloma dancing in front of old wooden furniture


Paloma dancing with her arms flung back


Paloma dancing in a red top


Small Paloma dancing in a big room


Paloma dancing curled up on the floor