People Of Performance Art #17: Laura Ryder

Laura Ryder is a performance artist and dancer from Derby. I met here originally as she is an enthusiastic performance goer, so I often saw her at Derby Theatre. She is currently developing The Bee Project, which has just got Arts Council funding, so I thought she would be ideal for PoPA

We started our talks in the cafe at Quad, Derby, and the subject of ecology kept arising. That led us to the parks of Derby.

Portrait of Laura Ryder


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People Of Performance Art #16: Rob Gregson

is half of the artistic collective Tin Can People, based in Preston, who’s shows I’ve seen on several occasions. There’s something about Tin Can People that I instantly connected with, a simplicity of visuals, and dramatic text. We decided to do our PoPA somewhere neither of us knew very well, and we picked Sheffield.

The use of a pub or so was decided fairly early on, so we had a nice trip out to The Fat Cat & The Riverside.

Portrait of performance artist Rob Gregson


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People Of Performance Art #15: Charlotte Louise Berry

Charlotte Louise Berry is half of the artistic collective Tin Can People, based in Preston, who’s shows I’ve seen on several occasions. For our PoPA, we decided to meet somewhere in between, in Hayfield, Derbyshire where we found Millie’s Tearoom & Chocolatier to talk in.

Our conversation was far reaching, but we didn’t settle on a subject, so we went for a walk round the village. It was on the walk that Charlotte pointed to the mist covered hills, and said “I don’t know what we’re doing, but I want to do it there”. And, so we did.

Portrait of performance artist Charlotte Louise Berry


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People Of Performance Art #14: Matt Smith

I saw Matt Smith’s piece “Splintered” which he created with Meg Ullah. It impressed me with it’s simplicity and power. It’s mixture of the personal and impersonal and tempting failure. So I knew he would be a good subject for PoPA.

I returned a couple of days later. It had all disappeared, but you could tell where the flour had been, as there were patches, covered in snail trails.

Portrait of performance artist Matt Smith in Leicestershire woods

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People Of Performance Art #13: Kirsty Mealing

Kirsty Mealing does a lot of acting, and she’s artistic director of Scufflebox Theatre Co, but she’s also a performance artist, which is why I thought she would be an ideal subject for PoPA. Her performance  often features existential humans in imaginary universes.

After endless tea, we found the ideal shoot locations within a few hundred yards of each other. Kirsty’s local knowledge led us to exactly what we were looking for.

First, a portrait.

Kirsty Mealing portrait colour ginger pretty girl

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People Of Performance Art #11: Sophie Swoffer

Sophie Swoffer recently graduated a MA degree in Performance Practices, and is now an associate artist with De Montfort University in Leicester. She’s taking her last piece, ‘Take The Shot!’  to a conference in Rome, and is looking at a new piece on monstrous women in horror films.
I sometimes think that this project should be sponsored by Poundland…




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People Of Performance Art #10: Dan Nicholas

Dan Nicholas is better known as a comedian, but he also has a bit of performance art in his blood. He’s a theatre maker/ writer/ creative producer as well as a member of the arts collective Tetrad.

One thing you notice about Dan, is, he likes to explore. Finding new ways to present comedy, and mixing his various mediums. That’s why I thought Dan would make an interesting subject for PoPA




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