People Of Performance Art #17: Laura Ryder

Laura Ryder is a performance artist and dancer from Derby. I met here originally as she is an enthusiastic performance goer, so I often saw her at Derby Theatre. She is currently developing The Bee Project, which has just got Arts Council funding, so I thought she would be ideal for PoPA

We started our talks in the cafe at Quad, Derby, and the subject of ecology kept arising. That led us to the parks of Derby.

Portrait of Laura Ryder


Laura Ryder in an overgrown garden with fork and seeds




Laura Ryder digging in the earth



Laura Ryder planting seeds



Laura Ryder with seeds for planting



Laura Ryder with messy hair in grass filled with buttercups



Laura Ryder with hair over her face and arms outstretched



Laura Ryder swinging her hair in a field of buttercups





Laura Ryder screaming in a field of buttercups



Laura Ryder with fists pointing inward