Parkin Presents

Every 3 months David Parkin puts on Parkin Presents at Embrace Arts, Leicester, which is a lovely event based round Embrace Arts’ Bosendorfer piano. Here are pics from the 4 events in 2013.

img_c3_32257-ed1-smDavid Parkin

img_c3_32343-ed1-smThe Skunk-Boy Project

img_c3_32400-ed1-smLester J Allen

img_c4_30044-ed1-smThe Yearning

img_c4_31638-ed1-smChocolate Limes

img_c3_33356-ed1-smYou Me Us

img_c3_33371-ed1-smDemons Of Ruby Mae

img_c3_34951-ed1-smMary-Anne Ratcliffe

img_c4_34483-ed1-smThe Daydream Club


img_c3_35286-ed1-smMartha Bean

img_c3_35393-ed1-smPreacher & The Bear