Handmade Festival

Handmade Festival was a three day festival of music, comedy and arts in a variety of venues in the centre of Leicester, UK, run by one man event tornado John Helps. There was so much on, that it took several photographers to cover it all. It’s on again this year, you should go. Here’s a selection from the venues I covered.

img_c4_30717-ed1-smJohn Helps

img_c4_30790-ed2-smCodex Leicester

img_c4_30733-ed2-smSurrender The Coast


img_c3_32740-ed1-smRollo Tomassi


img_c3_32784-ed1-smKatie Malco

img_c3_32886-ed1-smPeter Wyeth


img_c3_32825-ed2-smMidas Fall

img_c4_31110-ed1-smHer Name Is Calla

img_c4_31151-ed1-smT E Morris

img_c3_32981-ed1-smRichard Peel

img_c4_31204-ed1-smSky Larkin

img_c3_33129-ed1-smDutch Uncles

img_c4_31402-ed1-smRobin Ince