Hello, my name is David Wilson Clarke. I’m a freelance portrait and creative art photographer. The creative art work covers collaboration, documentation, and promotional material for performance art, dance, aerialist, art installations and theatre. 

I’m based in the East Midlands and work from my studio in Leicester, or on location, which  can be anywhere in the UK, or, in fact, the world. I’m always up for a challenge in almost any environment.

Here’s 10 facts about me:

1) I love cheese.
2) My first photographic subjects were mushrooms.
3) I can’t do without books.
4) I’m adept in the darkroom.
5) I also build electronics and write software.
6) Do you know how many David Clarkes there are in the world? A lot, that’s how many. Consequently I use my middle name.
7) I once stole David Attenborough’s biscuits.
8) I speak Spanish, badly, and only in the present tense.
9) I can build you a working camera in 20 mins.
10) I used to be an engineer, building industrial computers.

David Wilson Clarke taken in the studio by Isoelegant

Photo: Isoelegant 


If you want to see my photographic journey, from awkward beginnings to current work, have a look at my Flickr feed:

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidwilsonclarke/


Some of my clients:

2 Magpies Theatre, ArcTanGent Festival, Atelier Nora Draper, Attenborough Arts Centre,  BBC, Bottle Rocket Comedy, Dirtmarket Dance, Firebug Bar, Fox & Co., Great Central Magazine, Handmade Festival, Handmade Theatre, Headstock Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival, Leicester Museums, Leicester University, Metro Boulot Dodo, Orange Tree Group, Remedy Health Media, Tetrad, Tin Can People, Unsworth Sugden and Yellow Bean Studios.